Therapy Video Library 2

The instructional videos in this library correspond to the exercises described in Home Exercise Program – Workbook Two. Please perform only the exercises checked for you by your therapist in the workbook. If you experience pain or discomfort from any of the exercises, stop doing those specific ones and inform your therapist at your next visit.

1. Static Balance

2. Tandem Balance

3. Single Leg Balance

4. Reaching

5. Single Step Activity

6. Side Stepping

7. Retro Walking

8. Foot Taps to Step

9. Sit to Stand

10. 360 Degree Turn

11. VOR X1 Viewing

12. VOR X2 Viewing

13. Smooth Pursuit

14. Saccades

15. Using a Cane for Walking

16. Using a Cane on a Curb or Step

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