Therapy Video Library 1

The Instructional videos in this library correspond to the exercises described in Home Exercise Program – Workbook Two. Please perform only the exercises checked for you by your therapist in the workbook. If you experience pain or discomfort from any of the exercises, stop doing those specific ones and inform your therapist at your next visit.

1. Lying Glute Set

2. Lying Quad Set

3. Lying Heel Slides

4. Lying Straight Leg to Side

5. Lying Ankle Pumps

6. Lying Short Arc Quads

7. Lying Straight Leg Raise

8. Lying Bridge

9. Seated Marching

10. Sitting Kick Leg Straight

11. Seated Heel Raises

12. Sitting Toe Raises

13. Seated Clams

14. Seated Ball/Pillow Squeeze

15. Standing Knee Lifts – Marching

16. Standing Hip Abduction

17. Standing Hip Extension

18. Standing Knee Bend

19. Standing Heel Raise

20. Mini Squats

21. Standing Door Stretch

22. Neck Chin Tucks

23. Shoulder Shrugs

24. Chair Push-Ups

25. Shoulder Flexion

26. Shoulder Abduction Cross

27. Shoulder External Rotation

28. Chest Press

29. Bicep Curls

30. Rowing

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